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Be the best employer you've ever skipping unnecessary trial and error and building a business validated by bigger, better-resourced businesses.

I started freelancing in 2014...and it changed my life.

After talking to friends and family members who said they didn't know people like us did this kind of thing, I knew I had to leave "breadcrumbs" for other freelancers like me...Black people who wanted more out of life than work.

So that same year, 2014, I started this site to leave "breadcrumbs" for other Black freelancers.

BlackFreelance centers the experience of the Black freelancer, practicing or aspiring, regardless of age, education, career level, financial goals or skill (freelancing is so much bigger than writing for publications).

It positions freelancing as a tool in life improvement, not an end on its own.

This is an action-focused platform that emphasizes individual reflection and the importance of continual improvement through small changes, consistent habits, and a focus on optimizing income while working less to improve the lives of Black freelancers (but freelancers of all backgrounds are welcome).

It encourages use of a strategic framework to support stability, sustainability, and ongoing refinement of freelance businesses that enhance quality of life.

Get to know the BlackFreelance Mastermind Community

You've got more options than you think...and they all start with who you spend your time with as a freelancer.

  • Build structure and accountability into your freelance business

  • Connect with other freelancers focused on optimizing both quality of life and income

  • Turn monthly self-coaching prompts into continual improvement

  • Get real-life inspiration in building your freelance life

  • Subscription and non-subscription options starting at $7/month!


"I am going to have 8 clients before April…I took your advice and revamped some things. People started reaching out me! I was amazed!"



As a Black freelancer, when I was starting out it was hard to get a real gauge on whether this was really possible, for me–because all the webinars, and Facebook groups filled with people that looked exactly like the big execs in corporate America can have you thinking freelancing for a living is reserved for those with privilege.
As I worked my way up though I started to realize that it can happen, it’s a thing, and black people can be super successful doing it. This is a dope resource for not only us on this journey to find community but also for who may have the same thoughts I had a couple years back.


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